Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hanuman (2005) - Hindi Cartoon Movie

Hanuman a movie for children and adults to breeze through the Hindu mythology. It is super fast, does not delve into too many details but is explained well enough to understand who-is-who and what was happening.

In fact a lot of things bought the reaction of, "Really? Is that how it was in the story?? I never knew about it." The animations though not to Disney standards are worth watching. Infact they are cute and funny too. The little Hanuman is really 'cho chweet.' The faces of little Ram is very chubby and the grown Ram not so beautiful as he is supposed to be. Some parts of the movie reminded me of drawings taken right out of Amar Chitra Katha comics.

I had fun watching this movie and I am sure you will too. After all Hanuman is our version of a Superhero...

Bajrangabali ki Jai! Jai Hanuman!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Thavamai Thavamirundhu (2006) - Tamil Movie Review

I have not really written a perfect review for this wonderful movie. But have written something nevertheless...Please visit it at


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

ABCD - Tamil Movie Review

Ranking: 4.0/5.0

Cast: Shaam, Sneha, Nandana, Aparna
Director: Saravana Subbiah
Music: Immam

Bharathi (Nandana), Chandra (Sneha) , Daisy (Aparna) all have a revolutionary angle to them as women...something like a 'pudhumai pen' image that Balachander had created in the 70's. They all have a past or present that is introduced to the audience in a superb fashion.

Anand (Shaam) who is an orphan raised by his uncle is trying to get his foothold in Chennai stays as a tenant in Chandra's house. Chandra a widow (who was tortured and harrassed by her husband) takes to Shaam due to his understanding character. Chandra takes care of Anand with lot of love and affection.

Bharathi, a revolutionary lady who hates being sold away to men in the form of dowry meets Anand in a bus. They become friends due to circumstances and Bharathi falls in love with Anand who has a practical approach in life.

Daisy, a church raised girl works in an office where looks and attire have more importance than the quality of work she does. She hates the looks and glares she gets from men. Anand helps admit her in a hospital after she meets with an accident due to some eve teasers and does not make a big deal of it. Daisy too falls in love with Anand.

Anand as one would think should be in a fix about choosing one of the three...but he is clear about what he wants and make a very sensible decision and in doing so he also makes sure that he helps settle the lives of other women too. No wonder these women fell in love with him.

The director keeps us guessing till the last moment about whom Anand's obvious love interest would be. In all this is a very simple story with a good screenplay and direction which is certified for family viewing. The actors have all portrayed their roles very deftly and this movie also alludes simplicity. This could actually be the big break Shaam has been waiting for after 12B. Sneha who can carry an entire movie on her shoulder carries her role very strongly. The other two women also do a very good job in portraying their characters.

I have very little to tell about the music...but otherwise I would surely take time off to enjoy this family entertainer.

Kanda Naal Mudhal (2005) - Tamil Movie Review

Ranking: 4.8/5.0

Cast: Prasanna, Karthik Kumar, Laila, Revathy, Lakshmi
Director: V. Priya
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

The music in this movie too did not do it for me. I thought for the first time, it was loud and garrish but I have to listen to it a couple more times before I make up my mind about it.

The story??? Amazing. Simple and Superb...simply superb. I mean why can't people in Bollywood make such movies? They have totally stopped doing that...All I see in Bollywood is NRI-aping movies that are neither funny, real, or interesting. But movies like Kanda Naal Mudhal (KNM) are rare and to be preserved...No vulgarity, clean dialogues, no double entendre's, can really be seen with family, totally feel good, and so on...Really, I felt fresh after seeing the movie. It did not tire me as it did not involve my brain to think, it did not bore me, there was comedy in the movie and not a separate track, and the actors really acted...What more can you ask for? Anyways before I forget let me review the movie...

Krishna (Prasanna) and Ramya (Laila) renew their twenty year old feud when they meet at a culturals only to fight again. Krishna's friend Arvind (Karthik Kumar) who refuses to marry lands up for 'ponnu-parthufying' at Ramya's house at Krishna's insistence. Even though Krishna was the sole reason for Arvind to accept the 'ponnu-parthufying,' Krishna did not know that it was Ramya they were going to meet. On seeing Ramya Krishna tries and explains to Karthik that Ramya is not a soft girl, that she is arrogant, head strong, etc. But Karthik decides that he needs a girl with some spirit and accepts the proposal.

Ramya trying to outdo Krishna tries and acts as if she is a very soft and meek girl thereby disillusioning Karthik who breaks the engagement before he leaves to USA again. Ramya gets angry at Krishna wrongly assuming that he was the reason behind the engagement breaking. Krishna trying to convince her otherwise gets entagled in her family issues and later emotionally with Ramya.

Karthik is coming from USA and now Ramya and Krishna are not sure what to do...For rest of the action watch the movie.

Prasanna has proved with Azhagiya Theeye that he has comic timing and he just reinstated it in this movie. He has done a very good job with no overacting. Sometimes I feel that another 'Mohan' is evolving out of him.

Karthik who had managed to irritate me with is tamil accent actually did not do that in this movie. I liked his acting too...Simple and in fact he suited the role of an NRI perfectly. Laila was cute as a button and played her part to perfection. All supporting artists have done the same. No over acting, no styles, nothing...Just edhartham...Simplicity. Nice job Priya...Hope you make many more good movies like this...But not the same though...

Aaru (2005) - Tamil Movie Review

Ranking: 2/5

Cast: Surya, Trisha, Ashish Vidyarthi, Jay Prakash Reddy, Vadi Velu, Aishwarya
Director: Hari
Music: Devi Sri Prasad

I am missing the point here. What the story about again? Did director Hari think that he could make a film with blood and violence and it would automatically become a hit? Aaru is surely not a Thamizh or a Swamy which I really thought were great entertainers. Aaru is just another attempt at making an also-ran movie. If not for Surya I am sure most of the movie goers would not even waste their time. It is an average movie with average comedy and veyr little window for a story.

The story of aaru alias aaru mugam (Surya) is that of an orphan raised in a kuppam (slum) under the guidance of a dada Vishwanathan (Ashish V.) and his loving wife. Aaru trusts the don with his life while the don does not care too much for Aaru's life. Aaru goes around beating up people, organizing crowds for political gatherings, and so on. Mind you Aaru is a small time rowdy with a great heart (as are all movie small time rowdy's).

Aaru and Trisha bump into each other more than once and Trisha gets impressed by the good nature of the rowdy. In an effort to save Trisha from a kidnapper Aaru throws a gold chain over her neck and brings her home. Trisha obviously falls in love with him and tries to win over Aaru's love. This saving act of Surya wins him negative points from the kidnapping dada (Jay Prakash Reddy).

The climax of the story...Vishwanath (Aaru's mentor don) burns five of Aaru's men for a political demonstration by conning to Aaru. Concerned that Aaru might try to take revenge on him he sets up Aaru to be killed by the kidnapping don (Jay Prakash Reddy). Aaru uncovers the plot and follows up with more killings, blood, gore, and violence...The end is how the end comes to the villain and his brothers.

I am not going to say that I don't like violent movies. There are some that are fun to watch because there is a story behind all the violence. There is justification. But this movie has none. The music did not do it for me either. It was okay. Maybe I will listen to it a few more times and see if it has any impact.

Poor Surya, he can really do a better job choosing his movies. Aaru was surely a bad job. As far as I am concerned all actors did justice to their roles. There really was not much to be done. Violence was one thing but letting a lady use very uncouth abusive language was another. The movie was filled with ugly language and Aishwarya did not hessitate to use them in her male-like voice. I have seen many such don-movies and the same anger and hatred has been conveyed in a better way than with vulgar language.

Let me know if you thought otherwise about the movie.

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