Monday, March 15, 2010

Athithi Tum Kab Jaoge (2010) - Hindi Movie Review

Rating: 3/5

Cast: Ajay Devgn, Konkona Sen Sharma, Paresh Rawal
Director: Ashwani Dheer
Music: Pritam

This one is a hilarious family entertainer. The movie has a feel good touch to it and is sadly also super predictable but nevertheless entertaining.

Puneet (Ajay) and Munmun (Konkona) live in a nuclear family in Mumbai with their only son and surprisingly they never have a stay-over guest visit them. Their son longs for a guest to come and bingo! To their surprise an old man arrives at their door step in the name of Lambodhar Chacha (Paresh).

Now Paresh is a very demanding guest, he is demanding and imposing is constantly keeping both M and P on their feet. He is very nosy, interfering and embarrassing but brings out the entertaining parts of the movie. He affects both Puneet's as well as Munmun's work and personal life as well...

Numerous attempts to get rid of him only lands P and M in more trouble and eventually how they get him booted makes the end of the story.

The songs are funny (most of them remake of popular Hindi songs adapted for the situations in question), the story is smooth and fast paced, and it is light, and non-taxing to the brain. It is not one of those must-watch movies but again you wont feel like you wasted an afternoon if you saw it...


Anonymous said...

Hey dumbo ...Go and remove the pathetic review u left for IRUVAR movie... DUMBO DUMBO...

hector said...

I was lead to your blog by good old faithful Mr.Google for a search about the movie "Iruvar". Just when I was wondering why... Rave review! I can't help laughin at all the people who bothered commenting on it. Much ado about nothing I'd say. Someone had to comment about the movie on this page as well.. funny! Anyway,

1. Iruvar: I absolutely loved the movie. Mani is one of the brainy guys in the industry and he believes the audience is not dumb and can actually THINK and not be spoon fed all that's happening. That's the kind of cinema I enjoy.
I wouldn't blame you for not liking it.. Tastes differ.
PS: I also think camera work was good and I wouldn't bother commenting on ur BG.. tamilian or not or watever.

2. Seriously ??! Aditi - 3/5 ? Striker 3/5?

Anu Russell said...


Well, if you have read the comments then you have also read my replies...I don't want to repeat it.

And I hate being spoon fed. I prefer the way Kaminey worked to how Iruvar did. I am sorry but I stick to that. If you read my blog well enough, you can see that I have a separate post for how much I dislike Mani.

Atleast movies like Athithi do not claim that they are made from Art house productions of high value. They are what they are...entertainers. They are funny, you laugh with it and then you are done. But movies like Iruvar claim to be something they are not.

Striker is a brill movie. Please take your time to see it, it is even better than Slumdog.

Thanks for visiting.

Meoww said...

This was a fun movie. I enjoyed it too, watching it from SEoul :)

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